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I've found some easy and fun tips on this website and others which enquire just a little adaptation: - Think before you throw away. Try to reuse/recycle; - Eat less/no meat; - Refill your waterbottle; - Buy second-handed stuff (furniture, clothes, etc.); - Recycle your garbage (separated by...

DIY fashion

10/01/2013 20:02
Do you want to recycle, do you want to be creative or are you just bored? You need some inspiration? Here it is! On this diy fashion tumblr page are loads of inspiration. Just check it out and get inspired! Love,  Renee-Louise          ...

The Selby is in your place

10/01/2013 19:20
Fotographer Todd Selby began taking portaits of dynamic and creative people in their homes in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney. He posted those portraits on his blog. After a while they got published. I've bought this book two years ago, and it is still one of my favourite...
Sometimes you just don't know what to wear. Of course you could buy some new clothes (not so environment-minded) or you could take a look in your boyfriends (or your dads) cupboard! Besides, you save a lot of money and maybe even frustration if you can't find something special. Just use some...

American Apparel

09/01/2013 20:26
American Apparel, one of my favourite shops, is a sweatshop-free shop (so no child labour, for example) with awesome clothes for men, women, children and dogs (!). This brand recycles (check their vintage collection!) and tries to find other ways to do its bit for a better environment....

Eco Fashion World

09/01/2013 20:08
I've found an Eco Fashion World online! It's a useful guide and you can search by brand, store, category, eco criteria or country.    There's also a link on top of the site with 'deals'. On this page you can find a lot of coupon codes. For a Eco Fashion World dictionary, check...

The Body Shop

09/01/2013 18:44
I honestly have to say I don't use a lot beautyproducts. But when I do, I always use products which has not been tested on animals. I hate the thought of a cute bunny wearing my mascara. That's why I buy my beauty products at the Body Shop. They have a broad assortment, and their products are...

Maize and chicken salad

09/01/2013 16:55
This is one of my favourite recipes!  For four persons, you need: - 400 grams (or less) chicken breast - 4 tablespoons olive oil - 1 cucumber - 15 grams coriander cut finely - 2 tablespoons lemon juice - 1 avocado - 2 small cans of maize (of course you can add as much as you like,...
Me wearing a second-handed blazer with lace details, H&M necklace, second-handed jeansshort and second-handed boots from Phixi.


09/01/2013 16:31
Me and my friend Tessa in the Louvre, a year ago. I was wearing a second-handed striped longsleeve, a selfmade bag, jeans and second-handed shoes Tessa was wearing a black t-shirt and cardigan, jeans, a second-handed armybag and second-handed army boots from 'Undercover'. 
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