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The Body Shop

09/01/2013 18:44

I honestly have to say I don't use a lot beautyproducts. But when I do, I always use products which has not been tested on animals. I hate the thought of a cute bunny wearing my mascara. That's why I buy my beauty products at the Body Shop. They have a broad assortment, and their products are from a high quality. 

This is the Shimmer Cube Palette in my favourite colours. I always use this eyeshadow when I go out. 
These colours are perfect when you have a light skin and blonde hair. Price: 
€ 22,00 / £16.00

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This liquid eyeliner is very usefull. The brush is quite wide but has a small point. I use the brown version, because
I think brown is a better colour for blondes. Price: 
€ 10,50 / £9.00

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This Define & Lengthen mascara makes your eyelashes look longer! (it is true!)
I use the brown mascara, because I also use brown liquid eyeliner.
Price: € 12,00 / £10.00

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I use this Camoile waterproof eye make-up remover since my skin was irritated by 
another eye make-up remover with alcohol in it. I tried this one and I never want something
else. This product cools my skin and now I have no skin problems anymore.
Price: € 12,00

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This one, Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette, is my favourite parfume. It really smells like roses.
Unfortunately, it won't be in the Body Shop collection because they have developed a new
variant. That one is called 'Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette'. Luckily, this new variant 
almost smels like Maroccan Rose.
Price: € 17,95


Of course all these products aren't tested on animals. Every product is dermatologically tested and




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