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Reuse, reduse and recycle tips

14/01/2013 16:12

I've found some easy and fun tips on this website and others which enquire just a little adaptation:

- Think before you throw away. Try to reuse/recycle;
- Eat less/no meat;
- Refill your waterbottle;
- Buy second-handed stuff (furniture, clothes, etc.);
- Recycle your garbage (separated by type);
- Borrow instead of buying;
- Save water, shower together;
- Reuse plastic bags you get from stores;
- Turn all lights off when you leave a room;
- Wear sweaters and more layers of clothes in winter.
- Use your bicycle!


Save energy, save earth!


P.S. If you're trying to find a way to live greener, you should take a look at these websites.
There are loads of green information and green tips on it!
(They also have a weekly newsletter to stay up to date)