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Fashion against toxics

09/01/2013 15:46

Second-hand clothing, or 'vintage' is a good and green alternative if you're a fashion-addict or just like fashion. You nearly always find something special, something unique. Besides, you don't stimulate fashion-producers to produce more and more clothing. Did you know most fashion-producers use poisonous dyes to colour your clothes? When we wash our clothes, the poison gets into our drinking water. When I discovered this, I decided to stop buying new clothes. That's why I entered a challenge called 'Fashion against toxics', set up by a few female Greenpeace activists. This challenge involves you are not allowed to buy new clothes for three months. And that's a lot easier than I thought! Now, nearly all my clothes are second-handed. And I feel more relaxed than ever! You don't need to stress about being fashionable, because the clothes you wear are unique.

If you'd like to enter the challenge 'Fashion against toxics' as well, just like their page on Facebook!